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Ebne Sina Hotel

  • Ebn e sina Room

    Ebne Sina Hotel

    3 star

    Isfahan, Iran

    Address37 Alley, Ebne Sina st,Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran



    Hotel Facilities

     Parking-lot Parking  resturant Restaurant  Caf-shop Cofe Shop
     internet Internet  Tell Telephone   air-conditioned Air Conditioned
     Wi-Fi-Internet Wi-Fi   vedio Video  Taxi-Service N/A


    • The Check in time is 2:00 pm and the check out time is 12:00 am.
    • Tax and room service charges are based on each hotel policy.
    • Due to frequent price change, you can contact us to check the prices. 
    • No commission will be added to prices.

    Room Availability 


    Single N/A

    tick orang

    Triple tick orang

               tick orang(4 Bed)

                tick orang(6 Bed)

    Extra Bed  N/A






Behinburg Missions

World Travel Iran” staff as one of the member of Behinburg Tour & travel Company Group aims to open an unveiled and real image of Iran to all interested travelers to Iran. In your trip to Iran we always promised from the  very beginning of the time to offer a superior level of service.

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