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Travel Health Insurance

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Behinburg Tour & Travel Company provides all its travelers with Travel Health Insurance during their travel to Iran.

In this page you can submit for a Travel Health Insurance in case you are not able to get a Travel Health Insurance prior to travel to Iran.

The following items are required to issue the Travel Health Insurance:

Full name, Nationality, Date of birth, Passport number, Country of origin, Phone/Cell number/ Log on to the IR Iran, Duration of stay, Purpose of travel, Date of issue, E-mail. 


The beginning of insurance coverage and the date of insured’s arrival to Islamic Republic of Iran is contemporary which does not exceed 92 consecutive days.

The charge of cancelation of the policy is 1€ which should be deduced from insured’s premium, In the event that insured is failed to submit visa by ministry of foreign affairs representative or embassy and insurer will receive all of versions of the policy and embassy letters. When the insured  intends to terminate or cancel the policy according to the terms of the policy, it is required to provide his application to insurer within six months  from date of issue.

Exclusions: Illness and bodily injury with prior origin or congenital disorders, natural disasters, events of terrorism activities, military actions, delivery or voluntary abortion, vocational or professional risks, vaccination, therapeutic energy, insured’s mental illness or alienation, Cases of nuclear energy and radiation, Complications of intoxicating alcoholic drinks, psychedelic or drugs, participating in betting, contests and sport competitions, entanglement, suicide or attempt of same and aesthetic treatment.

The table below shows the information and policies of the Travel Health Insurance.

Medical expenses and hospitalization in Iran According to the exclusive insurance policies 

Insured’s transport or repatriation in the event

of illness or accident sustained during his trip
Actual expenses

Repatriation of the family member traveling

With the insured
Actual expenses
Repatriation of mortal remains Actual expenses
Travel of one immediate family member Max 20 Days
Relay of urgent messages and medical referral Actual expenses

Loss of passport, Driving license and national

Identity card in Iran
EUR 200
Legal defense EUR 250

Location and forwarding of baggage and

Personal effects
Actual expenses

»  To get your Travel Health Insurance click here.

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