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Gabbeh is the most prominent handicraft and domestic industry in Bushehr, Kohgiloyeh-Boyer ahmed provinces, also it is in demand in the Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Fars provinces. Nearly, in the most of the rural and even many urban areas of the mentioned provinces, it is the first or second career of the families. Gabbeh is woven by using natural handspun sheep wool and goat hair. Color differentiation is very important and actually, the first step of Gabbeh weaving. During this step, Gabbeh weavers select from among the self-produced or bought wools considering their colors and wash the selected ones. Then, the wool is spun and twisted by the women and girls using the small and carriable spindles. Sometime, the hairs of Yemeni and Pakistani goats, which have a wide variety of color, are used with sheep wool as Gabbeh weft or for sewing lining. The background of the most produced Gabbeh in the different areas of Iran, is bright color such as white and milky and the designs are black, brown and russet. Gabbeh is woven by horizontal carpet frame and carpet weaving methods. Weavers have no prepared design, they weave from memory. Most of the weavers have one or more subjective designs and are expert in its weaving. But, generally, the main design of Iranian Gabbeh consists of a square and a rectangle and a row of lozenges in the middle of the rug (Gabbeh) so that, the corner of each lozenge meets the corners of the other lozenges.

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