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KHATAM-KARI (Incrustation work)

  •   Written by Sady Qavipisheh
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Delicate and meticulous marquetry, produced since the Safavid period: at this time, khatam was so popular in the court that princes learned this technique at the same level of music or painting. "Khatam" means "incrustation", and "Khatam-kari" incrustation work". This craft consists in the production of incrustation patterns (generally star shaped), with thin sticks of wood. Khatam was used for inlaying the doors of palaces, Quran racks and chairs. The famous case placed in Imam Ali’s shrine is one of the masterpieces of Khatam art done by Shiraz masters and has been left from Safavid age. Another example of Khatam is some parts of the Monabat Case of Sheikh Safi al-Din’s Shrine in Ardebil. Isfahan city has been the main center of Khatam working in Safavid period but, then it became popular in Shiraz. It was used to produce some objects such as: Backgammon board, Chess board, Quran rack, Frames and small boxes. Khatam Kari is the art of decorating wooden surfaces with small mosaic like veneers in the form of triangles made of different woods. The more ordered and finer triangles, the more exquisite Khatam! The finesse of original materials makes the work more valuable.

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