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QHALAM-ZANI (Toreutics)

  •   Written by Sady Qavipisheh
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Engraving is a term, relatively rare in English, for artistic metalworking, by hammering gold or silver (or other materials), engraving,Repoussé and chasing to form minute detailed reliefs or small engraved patterns. The use of copper dates back to 9500 B.C, according to the discovered archaeological proofs and evidences and it has been used purely up to the fifth millennium B.C (the discovery of copper melting age) and cold working has been used to shape it. Nowadays, according to the undeniable archaeological proofs discovered in different parts of Iran, it has been certified that the North and Central areas of Iran are among the oldest centers of Metalworking in the world and Iranian metalworkers are one of the pioneers of the discovery of copper melting in the ancient world. Considering scientific researches, the historical background of Qalam-Zani art dates back to Scythans who lived in Caucasia about five to seven thousands years ago. Many Caucasian artistic works on gold, silver and brass objects have been discovered. One of the most important works of this age is Golden cup of Hasanlu discovered in 1957 B.C on which there are many reliefs such as charioteer gods or gods on horseback. In the first millennium B.C, metalworking and engraving were flourished and valued. Some important relics of that age have been discovered such as Golden Marlik Cups.

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