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Vegetation and Wetlands of Iran

  •   Written by Sady Qavipisheh
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7% of the country is forested. The most extensive growths are found on the mountain slopes rising from the Caspian Sea, with stands of oak, ash, elm, cypress, and other valuable trees. On the plateau proper, areas of scrub oak appear on the best-watered mountain slopes, and villagers cultivate orchards and grow the plane tree, poplar, willow, walnut, beech, maple, and mulberry. Wild plants and shrubs spring from the barren land in the spring and afford pasturage, but the summer sun burns them away. According to FAO reports,the major types of forests that exist in Iran and their respective areas are: 

  • Caspian forests of the northern districts – 19,000 km2 (7,300 sq mi)
  • Limestone mountainous forests in the northeastern districts (Juniperus forests – 13,000 km2 (5,000 sq mi)
  • Pistachio forests in the eastern, southern and southeastern districts – 26,000 km2 (10,000 sq mi)
  • Oak forests in the central and western districts – 35,000 km2 (14,000 sq mi)
  • Shrubs of the Kavir (desert) districts in the central and northeastern part of the country – 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi)
  • Sub-tropical forests of the southern coast, like the Hara forests – 5,000 km2 (1,900 sq mi)


Ardal Forest Zone Shahr-e-Kord, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari
Arasbaran Forests Ahar, East Azarbaijan
Babol and Amol Forests Babol, Mazandaran
Baneh Region Forests Baneh, Kordestan
Bazoft Forest Zone Shahr-e-Kord, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari
Chaloos Forests Noshahr, Mazandaran
Dorahan Forest Zone Brujen, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari
Lordegan Forest Zone Lordegan , Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiyari
Hara Forests Laft Port and Qeshm Island
Marivan Forests Marivan, Kordestan
Nahavand Forests Nahavand, Hamedan
Neka Forests Neka, Mazandaran
Sanandaj Region Forests Sanandaj, Kordestan
Sary, Kiasar and Savad Kooh Forests Savad Kooh, Mazandaran
Saqez Region Forests Saqez, Kordestan
Sheshdar Forest Recreation Places Ilam, Ilam
Sistan And Baluchestan Forests Chabahar and Konarak, Sistan And Baluchestan
Talesh Forests Ardabil, Ardabil- Rasht, Gilan
Tang-e-Dalav Forest Receation Sites Ilam, Ilam
Tonekabon and Ramsar Forests Ramsar, Mazandaran


Alma Gol Lake Gonbad-e-Qabus, Golestan
Hamoon Lake Sistan And Baluchestan
Zarivar Lake Kordestan
Orumieh Lake Orumieh , West Azarbaijan
Neor Lake Ardabil
Valasht Kelardasht, Mazandaran
Gahar Lake Oshtoran Kuh, Lorestan
Avan Lake Qazvin
Anzali Wetland Anzali, Gilan
Aq Qala Wetland Complex Mazandaran
Incheh Wetland Mazandaran
Almagol Wetland Mazandaran
Alagol Wetland Mazandaran
Inchehboroun Wetland Mazandaran
Bibi Shirvan Wetland Mazandaran
Ajigol Wetland Mazandaran
Namak Wetland Mazandaran
Daneshmand Wetland Mazandaran
Avan Lake Qazvin

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