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11 to 15-Days Tour Packages

11 Days Tour

  • Main Cities:Tehran, Tabriz, Kandovan, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan
  • How  a big variety of tribes, with different dialects, traditions, tastes, could get along and found a country during the history and even more, begin  to create sights and arts accordingly?One of the very rare example in the world is Iran. While different Iranian ethnical groups (Persian, Turkish, Kurdish…) tried to keep their own particularities, they also created a means of cohabitation, which is a mutual language talked and understood by everybody.By this tour we invite you to come and see many other magnificent masterpieces by yourself.Read More...


11 Days Tour

  • Main Cities: Tehran, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan
  • Anybody who visited Iran knows that it is one of his or her best tours ever. Food; delicious, weather; delicate, people; hospitable, these are all IRAN that you can Experience in 11 days, so prepare  to visit Iran. Read More...



11 Days Tour

  • Main Cities:Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan
  • From the old and mighty Persian Empire to the prosperous and innovative Qajar Dynasty. From ancient heritage to modern politics. You will see the change of a nation throughout a long history. From the glorious remains of Persepolis to the still standing and astonishing palaces of Golestan, you can have them all.Read More...


12 Days Tour

  • Main Cities: Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, Zein-o-Din, Yazd, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan, Qom
  • Does the name remind you something? Caravans, camels, desert…. That is right. To make the journey more comfortable and shorter for you, we have replaced camels by other means of transport. But in this tour, besides too many other interesting places and things to see, we will accommodate you in the most unique Iranian caravanserai, but just for one night. Read more...


13 Days Tour

  • Main Cities: Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Qazvin, Masouleh, Tehran
  • Have you ever think of a journey in wonderland! If so this 13  day tour is the best  you may ever imagine , including The grate Capital of Iran ,TEHRAN which was once called “the city of smoke and iron” by an Iranian singer, but the same city contains the most beautiful oriental  treasure people always dream of. Read more...


13 Days Tour

  • Main Cities: Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan
  • Iran has been always being wrapped by Stories. To visit Iran is to visit a world of tales and to begin with Tehran is to open the chest of the treasure.  So make your own story in Iran by choosing this tour package. Read more...

Behinburg Missions

World Travel Iran” staff as one of the member of Behinburg Tour & travel Company Group aims to open an unveiled and real image of Iran to all interested travelers to Iran. In your trip to Iran we always promised from the  very beginning of the time to offer a superior level of service.

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