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Zagros Mountain Range is the homeland of most Nomadic Tribes of Iran. From the wide plains of South West to the harsh mountains of North West all are under the footsteps of Qashqai and Bakhtiari Tribes. Live with the most known Nomadic Tribes of Iran, breathe the fresh air and feel the pure nature, taste their spectacular and 100% natural food products, spend time with them as a family member, listen to their songs and stories, spend a night in their well-known Black Tents. All by booking one of Behinburg Nomad Tour Package designed for anyone who wishes to meet the well-preserved traditions of living in pure nature.

The range of Behinburg Nomad Tour Packages includes a full day camp in several Nomadic Areas which will vary depending on the season and the Nomad Tribe you wish to visit. The available activities of all Behinburg Nomad Tour Packages are one overnight near Black Tents or in a local guesthouse depending on the weather, an evening gathering with Nomad Families along with some tea and snacks, a night gathering in the Black Tent to chat and tell some stories, one dinner and one breakfast with Nomads (meals may be provided directly and naturally by Nomads themselves or by our camp-man while in camp), and some time to explore the camp and its settlements according to Nomads codes if permission is granted of course. 

For whatever reason you are in Iran, whether you already have booked a Behinburg Tour Package or you haven’t decided yet or you're seeking a Nomad Tour, you can book a Behinburg Nomad Tour Package and enjoy the feeling of an outdoor experience. Your comfort is of a great importance to Behinburg. Therefore, essential outdoor camping equipment is provided with all Behinburg Nomad Tour Packages including waterproof lightweight 2-person tent, waterproof sleeping bag, pillow, waterproof mat, hygiene kit, garbage bag, and bottled water.  Behinburgr Nomad Tour Packages mainly include the most known Tribe of Zagros Region Qashqai. Other Nomadic Tribes such as Bakhtiari, Kurdish, Lori, and Turkish Tribes are available at your request.

There are several Nomadic Camps in Zagros Region. Nomadic Areas located in Fars Province are Bavanat, Eqlid, Frashband, Firuzabad, Kazerun and Sepidan. Other Nomadic Areas are Sisakht, Chelgerd, Kuhrang Spring, Shekarak Region, Golkuh, Nurabad and Mamasani, Shiekh Ali Khan Region, and Sharekord.


Below is the list of Nomad Tour Packages.


They were carefully designed to cover the Nomad Tribes as well as Cultural and Historical Attractions in the Zagros Region so that you can both experience an outdoor camping overnight in rural areas along with some indoor overnights and sightseeing in urban areas simultaneously; A wonderful combination of pure nature and city life.

The table below shows available Nomad Tour Packages and their recommended Nomad Camp Area. Although each of the Nomad Tour Packages is a standalone tour package, it is possible to combine them with any other Iran Tour Packages you see fit.

From/To To/From Nomad Camp Area Tribe Seasons
Shiraz Isfahan Eqlid Qashqai Spring, Summer
Shiraz Yasuj Semirom Qashqai Spring, Summer
Shiraz Yasuj Sisakht Qashqai Spring, Summer
Shiraz Kerman Darab Qashqai Fall, Winter
Shiraz Kerman Firuzabad Qashqai Fall, Winter
Shiraz Yazd Bavanat Qashqai Spring, Summer
Isfahan Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari Chelgerd Bakhtiari Spring, Summer
Isfahan Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari Kuhrang Spring Bakhtiari Spring, Summer
Isfahan Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari Sheik Ali Khan Region Bakhtiari Spring, Summer
Isfahan Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiari Shahr-e-Kord Bakhtiari Spring, Summer

Bavanat Nomad Tour Package

Bavanat Nomad Tour Package 2

Darab Nomad Tour Package

Eqlid Nomad Tour Package

Eqlid Nomad Tour Package 2

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World Travel Iran” staff as one of the member of Behinburg Tour & travel Company Group aims to open an unveiled and real image of Iran to all interested travelers to Iran. In your trip to Iran we always promised from the  very beginning of the time to offer a superior level of service.

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