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Darab Nomad Tour Package

An incredible Nomad Tour in Darab, located 375 km southeast of Shiraz, where Qashqai Nomads camp near beautiful villages on the outskirts of a mountain in the vicinity of Darab. A full day stay among woods rich with flora and rose bushes with Nomads right after you enjoyed the astonishing historical and cultural attractions of Shiraz and the glorious Persepolis. The old cities of Kerman, Yazd, and Isfahan which come next will make your enjoyment even further and deeper as you visit the memorable attractions of each. Tehran is the final stop where you will complete your adventure by visiting the magnificent museums and palaces of Qajar and Pahlavi periods.

Itinerary of Nomad Tour Package

day 1 Arrival in Shiraz. Shiraz City Tour (BCT 5/BCT 6). Overnight in Shiraz.
day 2 Heading to Darab. Qashqai Nomads. Overnight at Nomad Camp.
day 3 Breakfast with Nomads. Heading to Kerman. Kerman City Tour (BCT 17/BCT 18). Overnight in Kerman.
day 4 Heading to Yazd. Yazd City Tour (BCT12/BCT 13/BCT 14). Overnight in Yazd.
day 5 Heading to Isfahan. Isfahan City Tour (BCT 10/BCT 11). Overnight in Isfahan.
day 6 Heading to Tehran. Tehran City Tour (BCT 1/BCT 2/BCT 3/BCT 4). Overnight in Tehran.
day 7 Departure.

Included Camping Equipment and Services

  • Waterproof Lightweight 2-person Tent
  • Waterproof Sleeping Bag
  • Waterproof Mat & Pillow
  • Hygiene Kit & Garbage Bag
  • Bottled Water
  • Evening Snack & Tea/ Coffee
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast



  • Duration of this Nomad Tour Package depends on how many City Tour you may choose in each city. You may choose to have all City Tours in each city or you may choose to have one City Tour at a city which is the default of this Nomad Tour Package. All overnight stays in the Nomad camps depend on the weather condition and they may change to overnight stays in  local guesthouses in the area.



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