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Sahdad Desert Tour Package

With an area of 24000 km2, Shahdad Desert located on the western boarders of Lut Desert and north east of Kerman city (105Km). Shahdad Desert has unique features among other deserts of the world which are:

1st, Kaluts: natural phenomena that look like a city with multiple towers at the center of the desert but, Kaluts cover an 11000 km2 on the east of Shahdad (25km). Kaluts was made because of erosion of the soil about 20000 years ago. It’s famous as a Ghosts City.  

2nd, Salt-Marsh: There is about 100 hectares salty land which is completely dead and egg shape salt crystals grow from the floor.

3rd, Gandom Beryan or Rig Sukhte Area: These are the names of an area 80 km away from Shahdad which is the hottest point of the earth with the temperature of 100oc /212of in sunny days of summer.

If you want to enjoy all beauties and calmness of Shahdad Desert with its Kaluts and endless lands this is our specialty.

Itinerary of Desert Tour Package

day-1 From Kerman you will drive to Shahdad Town (105km) and then to Shahdad desert Camp (20km) respectively.In the evening you will visit Kaluts and find out why they call them Ghost city. Enjoy the sunset in Kaluts, you will stay this night in the camp and be sure that you will gaze the night sky till you sleep. (Overnight Shahdad Desert Camp)
day-2After breakfast you will drive to Gandom Beryan Area which is the hottest point of the Earth and covered by dark volcanic soils. In the afternoon you will come back to Kerman city and leave the desert by its mysteries. (Overnight Hotel in Kerman)
day 0 As this Desert tour package designed to be added to Any of Iran Tour Packages including  Kerman on the itinerary, or Kerman City Tours, we chose one of them for you but you can add it to Any of Iran Tour Packages with Kerman on the itinerary.

Best Season 

The best time for visiting Shahdad Desert Is in winter till the end of April.

Recommended Things to Bring 

  • Desert Hats 
  • Sun Glass,Umbrella  Shades 
  • Sunscreen, Lip Slave

Included Services 

  • All Transfers
  • Lodging 
  • Portage 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Free Visa support
  • Professional  Guide & Driver 
  • Accommodation
  • Food Supplies
  • Water Supplies
  • Camping Facilities (camping tents and sleeping bags)

Excluded Services 

  • Entrance fees 



  • Regarding your situation, this tour package can be booked as a standalone tour package or simply, you can combine this tour package to any of our well-designed Iran Tour Packages including Kerman in the itinerary.
  • While in Kerman there is a good chance to spend one more day visiting Kerman with our Kerman City Tour Packages.  






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