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Garmeh & Mesr Deserts Tour Package

Garmeh is the name of the Oasis in the central Desert of Iran (Dasht-e- Kavir), east of Isfahan Province and in Khur & Biabanak County, 35km south of Khur town. It is said that Garmeh was on the Silk Road. And the only source of water in this Oasis is a spring in the village. In Garmeh there is gest house named Ateshooni  which is an old house renovated and prepared  for Tourists by Maziar but it’s still kept its  own local elements.

Mesr is the name of the Oasis in Isfahan province, 45km east of Jandaq town and 60km north of Khur town in Khur and Biabanak County, in the central desert of Iran which was improved by the shepherd Named Joseph so from that day on they call the village Mesr which means Egypt which is mentioned in Quran’s story of Joseph.

Garmeh & Mesr and nearby vicinities are very famous because of their particular sand dunes and Khur Salt Lake. And especially near the Mesr is bamboo field. And all round Garmeh are Palm gardens.

This tour package consist of several towns and villages in the desert. So you can learn more about culture, religion, and habitats of those who live in the desert beside the pleasure of the nature of the desert. 

Itinerary of Desert Tour Package

day-1 Early in the morning you will Leave Yazd city to Meibod city (~1 hour). In Meybod you will visit Narin Castle which is a complete city made in the form of several floor mud-brick Castle. Then you will visit one of the biggest Iranian caravanserai and ice pit. Then you will drive to Chak Chak (~1 hour), which is a magnificent Zoroastrian fire temple at the hurt of the mountain. After that you go to Kharanaq village (~45mins), in Kharanagh you will visit the Shaking minaret. After lunch you will drive to Garmeh Village (~3 hours) and stay in Ateshooni guesthouse.  The rest of the night you will enjoy the hospitality of Maziaar and his family and the best night sky you may ever imagine.( Overnight Ateshooni guesthouse in Garmeh)
day-2Before breakfast you can walk around the village and enjoy the water spring in the middle of the village and after breakfast you will go to Khur Salt Lake where you can walk on entangle shape pieces of salty land after taking some pictures and walking on the salts you will drive to Mesr village where you will have lunch and spend the rest of the day walking bare foot on the sand dunes. In the evening after watching the unforgettable sunset from the top of the sand hills you will come back to Garmeh and Ateshooni guesthouse. (Overnight Ateshooni guesthouse in Garmeh)
day 3 After breakfast you say goodbye to sands and head to Nain city (~ 4.15 hours), In Nain you will visit Nain Jameh Mosque, which is one of the underground mosques of Iran and old Bazar of Nain .After lunch you will visit Aba weaving underground workshops (Aba is the camel wool fabric which is used for Mollas), then you will drive to Isfahan city. (~2 hours)

Best Season 

The best time for visiting Shahdad Desert Is in winter till the end of April.

Recommended Things to Bring 

  • Desert Hats 
  • Sun Glass,Umbrella  Shades 
  • Sunscreen, Lip Slave

Included Services 

  • All Transfers
  • Lodging 
  • Portage 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Free Visa support
  • Professional  Guide & Driver 
  • Accommodation
  • Food Supplies
  • Water Supplies
  • Camping Facilities (camping tents and sleeping bags)

Excluded Services 

  • Entrance fees 
  • Camel Riding fees
  • Any other desert activities fees except tour package






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