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Dizin Ski Resort


The international  Dizin ski resort has been established since 1969. Dizin ski resort located in the north of Tehran. As the highest ski lift reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft.), it is one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world which includes three tele-cabins, two ski lifts, seven dish tele-skis and one Hammer tele-ski.

For its capability in administrating official and international competitions, Dizin ski complex is the first ski and winter sport resort in Iran which has been officially recognized and granted the title by the International Ski Federation. The average snow depth is between 2 and 6 meters and the skiable area is 470 ha .The snow quality at Dizin is fantastic dry powder. The highest Lift is at 3600 m and the Lowest Piste is at 2650 m and the vertical Drop is 470 m.

  • Other Activities in Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin is a real sport and entertainment resort . Having one of the best grass-ski center in summer, Dizin complex is not confined to winter. Snowboard Park, Children Park, volleyball ground, Tennis club, are all for your comfort and pleasure and the Paintball area where you can feel the adrenalin in your blood.


ski-equipments Ski Equipments 

If you want to rent the ski equipment you can rent them at tree places inside the resort: the pro-shop at the hotel where you can rent the newest equipment, the rental places around the parking lot and small places at the parking lot on the top. Also you can hire ski instructors and experienced guide who can take you off-piste skiing.

transporatation How to Get to Dizin Ski Resort? 

From Tehran:

There are two ways to go to Dizin: the lower road through Karaj which is about 124 km and takes about 2.30 hours but it is the safest way and the upper road to pass through Shemshak resort directly to Dizin which is the shorter road about 72 km but as this road is very steep sometimes it is closed due to heavy snow. So first of all we highly recommended to go with the tour, another option is to take a taxi (always available). The tird option is to go by early morning bus which leaves Tehran around 5.00 AM and goes there from the shorter road.

hotel Where to Stay? 

There are several incredibly comfortable accommodation facilities in the area such as 2 hotels and 19 chalets add to the cottages and villas and local houses to make you feel   your home comfort. One of the hotels is located just 20 m from the bottom of the slopes. The parking area is just 50 m away with a few shops that rent out ski equipment. Also there is another hotel named Gajere, about 2km before Dizin hotel. Gajere hotel has a free shuttle bus to the slope.  

food-resturants Food & Eating 

There are several splendid restaurants and coffee shops that provide you the warm and cozy atmosphere ,include:

  • Hotel One's Restaurant and Coffee-Shop, at altitude of 2,500m
  • Hotel Two's Restaurant and Coffee-Shop, at altitude of 2,500m
  • Chaman Restaurant & Coffee-Shop, at altitude of 2,650m
  • Chalet Restaurant & Coffee-Shop, at altitude of 2,980m
  • Snack Bar, at altitude of 2,980m

resort- Dizin Ski Resort 

working-days Working Days   

  • Upper Parking Lot: Open 7:00am to 5:00pm
  • Lower Parking Lot: Open 24 hours
  • Hours of ski-run Operation: 8am to 4pm

Dizin resort is open during the 7 weekdays in winters and in summer; it is only open on Iranian weekends (Thursdays, Fridays) and national holidays.

  • Ski Season of Dizin Ski Resort

From November till April

 Contact-Service-Avaliability Contact Service Availability

There is full mobile network coverage of all Iranian operators and ground telephone line from all hotels.

getting-out-good-bye Getting Out & Good Bye

To Tehran:

Only from the lower parking you can take taxi to Tehran but from the upper parking there is no specific transportation services.


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