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List of Running Ski Areas in Iran

  •   Written by Siavash
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Name Loacation No. of Teleski 
Baba Heydar Area 65 KM to Shahr-e-Kord 2 Teleski
Daran Area 100 KM to Isfahan 1 Teleski
Dena Area Near Kohkiloye & Boyer Ahmad 1 Teleski
Khor Ski Area 35 KM to Karaj 1 Teleski
Khoshako Ski Area 30 KM to Orumiyeh No Teleski
Kohrang Area  75 KM to Shahr-e-Kord 1 Teleski
Nour -C Tub Area 67 KM to Tehran 2 Teleski
Payaei-Chaei Area 42 KM to Zanjan 1 Teleski
Shazand Area 35 KM to Arak 1 Teleski
Tarik-Dareh Area 15 KM to Hamedan  2 Teleski 
Uromiyeh Area 42 KM to Uromiyeh  2 Teleski
Yam Area  60 KM to Tabriz 3 Teleski

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