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Alvares Ski Resort



Alvares ski resort located in the Iranian province of Ardabil at a distance of 12 km from Alvares village, (the oldest settlement in Sabalan) and 24 km from Sarein at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level this area can be used for about 6 or 8 months of the year.  It is the second standard ski resort in Iran, the outstanding characteristic of alvares resort including: Installation of chairlift line with 1250 meters length, by Austrian du Paul Meyer Company,a tele ski, 2 classes stations.


  • Other Activities in Alvares Ski Resort


The routes to climb Sabalan Mountain and other peaks, and it is very close to Sarein, Ardabil, make it useful in all seasons.


ski-equipments Ski Equipments 

Inside the Alvares resort you can rent all kinds of ski and snowboard equipment. Also you can participate in ski classes inside the resort.

 transporatation How to Get to Alvares Ski Resort? 

From Sarein: 

As Alvares is only 24 km away from Sarein, you can easily take taxi from your hotel but steal we recommend you to take tour, so everything will be ready for you.

hotel Where to Stay? 

Inside the Alvares resort there is no settlement facilities so you have to stay in one of the Sarein hotels.

food-resturants Food & Eating 

This resort has a very perfect restaurant where you can taste Iranian dishes and enjoy the hot drinks.


working-days Working Days   

Alvares resort is open during the 7 weekdays in Ski Season.


  • Ski Season of Alvares Ski Resort

It is said that Alvares ski resort can be used from December to April but everything depend on snow.


resort- Alvares Ski Resort 

Contact-Service-Avaliability Contact Service Availability

There is mobile network coverage of all Iranian operators.

getting-out-good-bye Getting Out & Good Bye

To Sarein:

There is no specific transportation services.



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