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Koohrang (Chelgerd) Ski Resort


Chelgerd (Koohrang) ski resort located on Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari province 85km away from ShahreKord city and 2km from Koohrang city, next to koohrang Tunnel on the eastern foothills of Zagros mountain range. It has been open since 1975. With 800 vertical drop but only 20% steep, it’s a perfect ski resort to go with your family. There are 3 ski lifts and 3 slopes in this resort. 

  • Other Activities in Kohrang Ski Resort

Besides the skiing there are plenty of attractions exactly nearby that you can enjoy: Koohrang Tunnel (Waterfall) (inside the resort), Sheikh Ali Khan Waterfall (11 km away, about 18mins), Koohrang Fountain (12 km away, about 19mins),Dimeh Spring(12 km away, about 19mins),Chama Cave(26 km away, about 35mins)



ski-equipments Ski Equipments 

You can rent all kinds of ski equipment inside the resort. And also there are experienced instructors that you can hire. 

transporatation How to Get to Koohrang Ski Resort? 

From Shahrekord:

Only 85km away from Shahrekord (about 2hours) the best way is to book a ski tour otherwise you may take taxi which we don’t advice.


 hotel Where to Stay? 

Koohrang hotel 500m to the resort is the best choice to stay at least one night and enjoy the warm shower after a day skiing.


food-resturants Food & Eating 

The restaurant inside the Koohrang hotel serves you Iranian warm and delicious foods.


working-days Working Days   

In ski season its open all 7 weekdays to ski lovers.

  • Ski Season of Kohrang Ski Resort

 Mostly from December to March, depending on snowfall.



resort- Kohrang (Chelgerd) Ski Resort 


Contact-Service-Avaliability Contact Service Availability

You can use all Iranian mobile networks in the area.

getting-out-good-bye Getting Out & Good Bye

Special taxi service does not guaranteed in this resort, but you may use Koohrang hotel taxi service.


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