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Darbandsar Ski Resort


One of the nearest Ski resort to Tehran (about 60km, 90 minutes) is Darbansar Private Ski resort. It was built in 1982 on the north east of Tehran in the Alborz Mountain Range in Mount Sceechal. Although Darbandsar is small private ski resort it has magnificent slopes for extreme and off-piste skiing and snowboarding as well as not being crowded. There are one Surface Lift, 2 Ski Lifts and, 2 Hammer Teleskis to the top of the slopes at the elevation of 3150m, and then you can enjoy 500 m vertical drop.

  • Other Activities in Darbandsar Ski Resort

Being well facilitated you can enjoy, hiking, mountaineering, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking, all in Darbandsar resort area.

ski-equipments Ski Equipments 

If you prefer to travel light, inside Darbandsar you can rent all kinds of ski and snowboard equipment. Moreover you can hire ski instructors and learn more. 

transporatation How to Get to Darbandsar Ski Resort? 

From Tehran:

It’s only 60 km (about 90min) away from Tehran but sometimes because of heavy snow fall the road closed so for Darbandsar ski resort we recommend you to book a tour.  

From other nearby Ski Resorts:

Darband sar is located between the way from Shemshak ski resort (2 km) and Dizin ski resort (10km). It is possible even to ski  from Dizin to Darbansar but, on the way back you have to use the car!

hotel Where to Stay? 

Inside the Darbandsar ski resort there is no settlement facilities so you have to stay in one of Shemshak ski resort hotels or Dizin ski resort hotels or you have to go back to Tehran.

food-resturants Food & Eating 

Inside the Darbandsar ski resort you can enjoy Iranian foods either in one restaurant on the tope of the slopes or 3 more restaurants in the foot hills of the mountain.


working-days Working Days   

During ski season its open all 7days of the week.


  • Ski Season of Darbandsar Ski Resort


Mostly the ski season in Darbandsar ski resort is from December to April but it depends on snowfall.



resort- Darbandsar Ski Resort 

Contact-Service-Avaliability Contact Service Availability

Iranian mobile network operators have coverage in the area. 

getting-out-good-bye Getting Out & Good Bye

To Tehran or other nearby Ski resorts:

Taxi service availability in this resort is not guaranteed. 


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