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Trekking Tours in Iran

To feel the real nature of any county and its various tribes and cultures you have to go to the most untouched lands of that region. To reach such areas the best way is to trek there. A country like Iran with wide range of nature and cultures is the best destination for those who love to trek in the mountains or in the jungles. But trekking in a foreign counties requires perfect equipment and support. Behinburg Tour and Travel Agency provides complete and professional services in its Trekking tour packages  which include , professional tour guides, residential equipment such as camping tents and sleeping bags, food supplies, water supplies, and   different types cars that can bring you to the start points of the Trekking. Moreover you can rely on our insurance services and health care services which are provided in our tour packages. To benefit from all of our facilities you can book any of our trekking tours of Iran different regions:

»3000: Alamut Castle to Alamkuh Mt. foothills, 5 Days 

»Jungle Twist: Rudbar to Lahijan, 5 Days

»Amazing North: Ardabil to Asalem, 4 Days 

»River by Your Side: Shiraz to Nargesi, 4 Days 



  • Our specified Trekking tour packages in different part of Iran are planned for those who love trekking. So regarding your situation, these tour packages can be booked as a standalone tour package or simply, you can combine this tour package to any of our well-designed Iran Tour Packages or nearby  City Tours, whether you are in Iran or at your country.
  • All of our Mountain Climbing Tour Packages are potentially Trekking Tours and even can be extended for more trekking.

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World Travel Iran” staff as one of the member of Behinburg Tour & travel Company Group aims to open an unveiled and real image of Iran to all interested travelers to Iran. In your trip to Iran we always promised from the  very beginning of the time to offer a superior level of service.

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