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3000: Alamut Castel to Alamkuh Mt. foothills


3000, this is a name of the road in the Alaborz Mountain Range which is at the altitude of   3000m above sea level . This Trekking tour package, begins by visiting one of the strangest castles of Iran, Alamut Castle, which located on the top of a mountain, and continues by passing The 3000 Road to the Alamkooh Massif and its Hesar Chal Glacier.  In this tour package there is good opportunity for those who love mountain climbing, villages in the heart of the mountains and visiting glaciers, since the one third of way on the final part is among the Alamkooh Massif and all of the trekking tour is operated above 3000m altitude in Alborz Mountain Range. Unforgettable landscapes and the freshest air you may ever imagine awaits you. 

Itinerary of   Trekking Tour Package

day-1 Early in the morning you will Leave Tehran to Qazvin city (~1.40 hour). In Qzazvin you will visit Chehel Sotoun (Kolah Farangi Edifice). Then you will drive to Evan Lake and set the camp (~2 hours). (Overnight camp near  the Evan Lake)
day-2Let’s begin! After breakfast you say goodbye to the lake and drive to Gazour Khan village (~ 1 hour), Close to Gazour Khan village you will visit Alamut castle, which is one of Fortress of Assassins in the mountains  between 1090 and 1256 AD .  Then you will drive to Garmaroud Village via Alamuot road. (24km ~ 1 hour) From this village you will start trekking to Piche Bon Village and set the camp in there.(~12km , 4hours) ( Overnight camp on Piche Bon Village)
day-3 3000 Road! In the third day you will trek to Salaj Anbar Village, which is one of farthest villages in the heart of the mountains via 3000 road (17km, ~5 hours). Midway you will pass a ruins of the Caravanserai where you can rest for a while (~7km). (Overnight Camp in Salaj Anbar Village)
day 4Leave the Salaj Anbar and trek to Village of Maran (~12.5km, 3hours). Take rest and enjoy the scenery. Continuing your way, you will arrive to Darjan village and then to the Mianrood village (~14km, 4hours). Now you are very close to the Alamkuh Mountain (Overnight camp in Mianrood Village)
day 5About 6 hours trekking to the foothills of Gardoun Kouh Mt., to Ab-e-Garm (Spa)  is what you have to do in this day. But the good news is your way is among the splendid mountains and valleys and you are far far away from any cities. (Overnight camp in Gardoun Kouh Mt. foothills)
day 6Good Bye Mountains! Leave the Gardoun Kouh Mt. foothills to Hesar Chall Glacier (~4hours). This is one of the last scene of the Glaciers on Earth. Passing Hesar Chal you will trek to Tange Galoo  (~2hours) where your car waits for you to transfer you to Rudbarak Village  (25km ) and then to Tehran

Included Services 

  • All Transfers
  • Lodging 
  • Portage ( Carring Equipment & Supplies  by Beasts)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Free Visa support
  • Professional Mountain Trekking Guide & Driver 
  • Accommodation
  • Food Supplies
  • Water Supplies
  • Camping Facilities (camping tents and sleeping bags)


Excluded Services 

  • Entrance fees (Nowhere needs entrance fee in this package)


Best Season 

Best trekking months are may to July and August.


Recommended Things to Bring 

  • Wind proof Jacket with Hood
  • Gloves, Goggles & Warm Hat (In cold months)

  • Walking socks , comfortable  boots
  • Sunscreen, Lip Slave



Any type of trekking Equipment is on travelers. While in the Mountains and jungles bring as much as you need . In most Iranian rural areas, you have the option to rent beasts to carry your equipment. So bringing your own  equipment boosts the performance and enjoyment of your trip . 



  • Regarding your situation, this tour package can be booked as a standalone tour package or simply, you can combine this tour package to any of our well-designed Iran Tour Packages.
  • While in Tehran there is a good chance to spend one more day visiting the capital city of Iran with our Tehran City Tour Package.
  • This tour package can be done in less days or extended to more days.







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